Cresston Law LLC provides strong and accessible advocacy in juvenile and family court matters.

  1. An advocate who will hear your story. Attorney Cresston Gackle strives to be reliable, careful, and trustworthy by listening carefully to clients, understanding their goals, and advocating for the best possible resolution. In emotionally difficult and confusing situations, an advocate who calmly listens is invaluable.
  2. Behind-the-scenes experience. As a law clerk for a judge in the Hennepin County Family, Civil, and Juvenile Courts, Attorney Cresston Gackle deeply researched Minnesota law, drafted hundreds of orders, filed thousands of documents, and learned how things work behind the scenes at court. With this knowledge and experience, Cresston Law LLC seeks to efficiently and successfully resolve matters in favor of its clients by anticipating what the judge will think about to make his or her decision.
  3. Coolheaded, effective advocacy that achieves results. Attorney Cresston Gackle helps clients work through some of the most difficult decisions of their lives by carefully explaining options, assertively communicating with other parties, and calmly working towards the best possible resolutions.

Cresston Law LLC is available to represent clients throughout Minnesota at accessible, flat and hourly rates for single pieces of cases as well as full-scope representation. Contact Cresston Law at 612.470-0529 (call or text) or email