Cresston Law tailors its services to your needs and budget, giving you a choice over the scope of services and fees

Full Scope Representation

Cresston Law LLC offers full-scope representation to clients who need a strong advocate in court, drafting court documents, negotiating with the other side, and complying with legal rules and requirements. Depending on the facts of your case, Cresston Law LLC offers flat fee and hourly rates on full-scope cases.

Cresston Law provides full scope representation in the following types of juvenile court cases:

  • Juvenile delinquency, including felonies, certification matters, EJJ matters, misdemeanors, status offenses, petty and traffic offenses, diversion matters, probation revocation, EJJ revocation, and appeals.

  • Child protection, including CPS investigations, field services, CHIPS, terminations of parental rights, transfers of permanent custody to the agency, and transfers of legal custody.

Please contact Cresston for questions about rates for your specific matter and situation. Cresston Law LLC seeks to ensure everyone has access to necessary legal services at rates that are reasonable and affordable.

Unbundled Services

Cresston Law LLC also provides legal services for the above case types on an as-needed, unbundled basis, meaning you're only charged for what you need and Cresston Law does not represent you in court. These services are charged at a flat rate and this can help keep legal fees within your budget.

These services include:

  • Consultation and evaluation of your situation or case

  • Legal advice, legal research, or assistance preparing documents limited to specific issues, motions, or stages of your case

  • Guidance, review, and drafting of documents and filing your case, including assistance with technology

  • Coaching and legal advice on approaching negotiations, mediations, and settlement conferences

  • Standby phone assistance or backup during negotiations or settlement conferences

  • Coaching and preparation for court appearances

  • Legal advice and assistance with an appeal from an order or judgment

  • Help planning for future legal issues